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Looking to make your land profitable from a sale or lease to an energy or water developer?


Do you have water or water rights for a parched market?


Looking to put your capital to work in land, water or power? Investments abound as the world transitions to safe water and energy infrastructure!


While everyone wants our planet to be sustainable, Lane is a true leader bringing opportunities through both innovative technologies and financing, empowering companies to, not only produce clean energy, but save money in the process.

Eva Roufe, Founder, Green Places


Five Languages. Five Continents.

Shadi Ayoubi

Economics Consultant

Connor Young

Real Estate Consultant

Faustin Kabwe

Investment Consultant

Jan Stubbs


Aurora Seamanduras

Energy Consultant

Lane Sharman

Water Consultant

Case Study

Transforming 2.400 Abandoned Acres in California into a large Solar Oasis.

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