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Transform Salton Sea Presentation.

Delivered to Imperial County … May 21, 2018.

State of California Department of Natural Resources Issues a Request for Information on Water Importation for the Salton Sea.


Transform Water and Power responds with a novel and pragmatic solution. Do not import water. Return ongoing evaporation to the Salton Sea; capture ambient water vapor and return it to the Sea; use floating solar to reduce evaporation from the Sea and power the system.


Request to read the Transform Water & Power Response to the RFI.


Taking ocean water from the Pacific or the Gulf of Mexico is infeasible and ecologically irresponsible.
It is a Water Grab.


Please contact Transform or Lane Sharman if you would like to learn more about our business.

Press and Public Reaction


Imperial Valley Press, 22-May-2018 “Water Import Proposals Shared with the Public” LINK
Acknowledgement Letter from Imperial Economic Development Corporation Tim Kelley LINK